Of those high clouds, white, golden and vermilion,
The armies of her ministering spirits
In mighty legions, million after million,
They came, each troop emblazoning its merits
On meteor flags, and many a proud pavilion
Of the intertexture of the atmosphere
They pitched upon the plain of the calm mere


Despite the 2nd registering an overnight low of minus two degrees the temperatures remained just above freezing but brought an inch of lying snow to the fields. By the end of the first week with the breeze having shifted from the cold north to a milder south easterly direction, the mercury began to rise.

There followed even milder temperatures with overnight lows around seven degrees but with the warmth the atmospherics brought much rain.

A couple of frosts on successive mornings were the only dry moments in an otherwise soggy month.

A seven-spot ladybird and a long-tailed tit were seen on the morning of the seventh.